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If you rely on independent distributors to market and sell your products, you don't need to be reminded that these working relationships can be challenging.

Getting distributors to focus on your products and share information is harder than ever before due to consolidation, private labeling and relentless downward price pressure.

Are you prepared to meet these challenges?

Our research indicates that the majority of manufacturer/distributor working relationships are plagued by low levels of trust and poor communication. These conditions are a recipe for conflict and lackluster sales performance.

But here's the good news. You can improve distributor sales performance by learning how to manage the working relationship between you and your distributors.

Managing the relationship

The average salesperson receives very little training on how to manage the unique relationship that exists between a manufacturer and its distributors. As a result, distributor-related decisions tend to reactive in nature, and made on emotion — rather than fact.

This informal approach to managing distributors leads to poor sales performance and unnecessary costs.

Our Distributor Performance Workshop will give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to improve the sales performance of your distributors.

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