The Future of Manufacturer/Distributor
Working Relationships Opinion Survey

Prolonged economic uncertainty, razor-thin margins and the ever-shifting sand of government regulation are just a few of the challenges faced by manufacturers and distributors.

Both parties are taking action in response to these challenges.

Will these actions strengthen or weaken manufacturer/distributor working relationships?

We all need more information

In an effort to gain a better understanding of how manufacturer/distributor working relationships are adapting and changing in response to the current state of the economy, we're conducting this brief opinion survey.

Please complete this survey by typing your responses to the following questions.
1. Please indicate the nature of your business.
2. Industry segment.
3. How are manufacturers and distributors in your industry
responding to the prolonged economic downturn?
4.How have your working relationships been impacted by these responses?
5. What do you think the future holds for manufacturer/distributor
working relationships in your industry?
Thank you for your participation.