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Robert Nadeau
Managing Principal

Defending your prices

The current state of the economy has created a new breed of customers.  

These customers are focused on cash -- they don't have enough of it, they can't easily borrow it, and they're spending as little of it as possible.

Sales managers face a choice.  You can let your salespeople drop prices, which can lead to price warfare.

Or, you can ask your salespeople to defend your prices.

How do you defend your prices?

In the current economic environment, customers are putting every expenditure under the microscope.  They want to know what they're getting for their money.

To defend your prices, your salespeople must be able to show customers how your products and services are going to deliver measurable dollars-and-cents benefit.   In other words, your salespeople must learn to speak the language of money.

The good news is that calculating and communicating dollars-and-cents benefit are learnable skills.

Value based sales training

Value based selling is not another trendy sales tip, trick or negotiating technique.

But rather, value based selling is a proven set of skills and methods for calculating and communicating the dollars-and-cents benefit you can deliver to your customers.

Our value based sales training will teach your salespeople to speak the language of money.

Results you can measure

Pulling your salespeople out of the field for a full-day training session represents a significant investment.

In today's economic environment, you want to make every investment count.

If you're going to invest in sales training, it must produce results you can measure.

Our value based sales training has helped businesses in North and South America, Europe and Asia, increase sales, improve profit margins and shorten their sales cycles.

We'll gladly help you measure the impact our value based sales training has on your business.

We offer a guarantee

Our value based sales training works.

We guarantee it.

If at the end of the training, your salespeople don't know how to defend your prices, you can tear up the bill. 

No questions asked.

Will you benefit from our value based sales training?

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